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Accuracy and Diplomacy

As an analyst it’s hard to not step on toes. You’re most likely the person who has to report on someone else’s work (which may get sticky).

To push a company forward you have to be clear and un-biased regardless of effort, investment, or who was involved.

Push for a culture that accepts failure as a learning opportunity to create even better customer experiences.

I would follow two rules to reporting on failed campaigns.

  1. Set goals at the beginning of the campaign, and get collective buy in from the parties involved. This removes the subjectivity of the “failure” from the analyst and moves it to the key owners. It’s always easier to have a conversation on what success looks like.
  2. Give the owner of a campaign a heads up on its negative performance before pushing it to the team. This will allow you to work collaboratively to produce additional insight on why a campaign failed, as well as key learning’s for the future. Coincidentally, this also makes you not the enemy. 🙂

Super Bowl “adds”

Super Bowl ads have continued to increase in influence and reach every year.  They are some of the most popular television ads created. A few may go viral such as Mountain Dew’s “Puppy Baby Monkey”, or become immortalized in time such as Coca-Cola’s “Mean Joe Green” or Apple’s “Introducing Macintosh” (1984). This year I couldn’t help but notice the ad quality during the super bowl is considerably lifted, you could even call them… super ads.

The primary reason the quality of ads increases during the super bowl is due to the environment they are developed in. If we can replicate this environment, we can apply these principles to analytics to lift the quality of our insights and recommendations. The three applications for why super ads are head and shoulders above the rest are; set expectations, remove the hurdles, and optimize for effectiveness. Continue reading “Super Bowl “adds””

5 Reports You Need to Analyze Post Holiday

After we have completed the biggest time of the year for our industry, it’s important to review a couple reports that are key to gaining insight to your holiday performance. Below you will find 5 reports you can locate in pretty much any analytics tool as well as some questions to get the ideas rolling. By examining these 5 reports, you will have a better understanding of your business as well as jumpstart on next year. Continue reading “5 Reports You Need to Analyze Post Holiday”

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Insights

The peak holiday activity for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is finally over and Christmas is rapidly approaching. Before you head off to the most unproductive week of the year, we have a few key insights for you to get the wheels turning for next year. Continue reading “Black Friday & Cyber Monday Insights”

An Analyst’s take on AMP

Today I was able to watch the Google Analytics LiveStream focused on Best Practices Using Google Tag Manager for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which got me AMPed. Continue reading “An Analyst’s take on AMP”

Don’t Wait for Your Holiday Campaigns!

Don’t Wait for Your Holiday Campaigns!

Want to hear something truly scary for Halloween? It may already be too late to capture some holiday shopper’s sales! Last year, according to the National Retail Federation, 40% of customers begin their holiday shopping BEFORE Halloween each year, and this number has remained consistent since 2004. Continue reading “Don’t Wait for Your Holiday Campaigns!”

Digital Analytics Symposium Review

Every year our Analytics team attends the Digital Analytics Association Symposium here in the DFW area. This conference is always a great opportunity for local analysts to step outside of their day to day roles and come listen to leaders in the industry and hear what they are doing in their roles and businesses. This year’s symposium was in my opinion by far the best DAA symposium I have attended since I became a member three years ago. Considering how strong this year’s Symposium was I wanted to take a moment and give some insight into a few of the topics that were covered, and share what I took away from the symposium.

Continue reading “Digital Analytics Symposium Review”

How To Measure Long Term Success

How do you measure success of your business or marketing campaigns? Do you look at Sales? Conversion Rate? Some kind of engagement KPI? These are all pretty common and give a good indication of the short-term impact and performance of a campaign.

But how do you measure the long-term success of your business? One practice I typically recommend to my clients is to look at 5 key customer segments and how these grow / shrink over time. Continue reading “How To Measure Long Term Success”

Data Intelligence vs Customer Feedback

We’ve all heard the phrase “the customer is always right”, but in our modern era of marketing, we are often too quick to rely on data points and forget to solicit customer preferences and feedback.

When we “ask” rather than collect or require a data point from a consumer, they are more likely to feel a personal connection with our brand and be more likely to engage with us in the future. Continue reading “Data Intelligence vs Customer Feedback”

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