Don’t Wait for Your Holiday Campaigns!

Want to hear something truly scary for Halloween? It may already be too late to capture some holiday shopper’s sales! Last year, according to the National Retail Federation, 40% of customers begin their holiday shopping BEFORE Halloween each year, and this number has remained consistent since 2004.

But have no fear, November continues to be the most popular time to begin holiday shopping, with 42% of males and 38% of

As marketers, it is becoming increasingly important to reach out and begin holiday messaging sooner, rather than later. I would recommend a three step snowball approach to capturing the different types of Holiday Shoppers.

  1. Identify your early Gifter

Leverage your analytics tool to identify customers purchasing “gifting” items in late August / September. Message these customers directly with promotions and content directed at someone who wants to buy early. In my experience, this is a great time to begin testing out deals, products, and gift guides for your big buyers after thanksgiving! You don’t need to pull out all the stops, but break down your holiday promotions with a lower % and display products you think will sell well over the holiday. This is the beginning of your snowball, which should allow you to identify the trends that will occur later in November.

  1. Maximize Holiday

With the knowledge you gained from your early gifter, give your holiday shoppers the deals and content they are looking for. You should already have a leg up as you now know which products to pair together as well as what your consumer is shopping for this holiday.

You should also move retrograde with specific campaigns reaching out to early gifters from the previous group who either did not convert or have purchased in previous years. Show them your best deals, and see if you now have enough to entice them to convert.

  1. Catch the stragglers

Lastly, Grab any consumer who has not converted over holiday yet and COMMUNICATE! Send reminders on shipping dates or when deals are closing.  Remember, These are generally your “last minute customers”, procrastinators, or busy individuals, and you should be delivering content to them surrounding our “top purchased products this holiday” or probably more accurately “what everyone else is giving as gifts this year”. Another great promotion is to send a free expedited shipping promotion directly after the free shipping date to delight your customers who may have just missed the date!

At each step, you should be considering the buyer who is most likely to buy to add the most snow to your ball, as well as considering their predecessors to see if you can capture any lingers sales to maximize return.  Always consider your customer when developing promotions to be relevant and effective. If you need help here are some of the most important variables to customer holiday shopping, Enjoy grabbing candy with the kids and Merry Christmas!