As an analyst it’s hard to not step on toes. You’re most likely the person who has to report on someone else’s work (which may get sticky).

To push a company forward you have to be clear and un-biased regardless of effort, investment, or who was involved.

Push for a culture that accepts failure as a learning opportunity to create even better customer experiences.

I would follow two rules to reporting on failed campaigns.

  1. Set goals at the beginning of the campaign, and get collective buy in from the parties involved. This removes the subjectivity of the “failure” from the analyst and moves it to the key owners. It’s always easier to have a conversation on what success looks like.
  2. Give the owner of a campaign a heads up on its negative performance before pushing it to the team. This will allow you to work collaboratively to produce additional insight on why a campaign failed, as well as key learning’s for the future. Coincidentally, this also makes you not the enemy. 🙂