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Korey Hart

Digital Analytics Symposium Review

Every year our Analytics team attends the Digital Analytics Association Symposium here in the DFW area. This conference is always a great opportunity for local analysts to step outside of their day to day roles and come listen to leaders in the industry and hear what they are doing in their roles and businesses. This year’s symposium was in my opinion by far the best DAA symposium I have attended since I became a member three years ago. Considering how strong this year’s Symposium was I wanted to take a moment and give some insight into a few of the topics that were covered, and share what I took away from the symposium.

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Steps to Effective Reporting and Visualization

One of the most important aspects of being an analyst, a marketer, or any position really, is being able to get your point across in a clear and efficient way. Not only to help your audience gain an understanding, but help them understand in a way that can lead to action. Early on in my career I can remember numerous times when I would leave meetings after my presentation and feel like the team didn’t quite understand what I was trying to get across, or that I hadn’t adequately answered their questions. However, down the road I realized most of the time it wasn’t an issue with the type of information, recommendation or insights I was providing to my team. Continue reading “Steps to Effective Reporting and Visualization”

Thermometer or Thermostat?

I recently attended the eMetrics conference in San Francisco this past week. At this conference there were great speakers who talked about their past experiences and what has helped them reach success. These speakers also talked about struggles they encountered along the way and how they adapted or changed to address those struggles.

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Tips for a New Analyst

Starting out as an analyst it is difficult to know where to start and how to continue improving. In a fast moving industry here are some constant aspects of Analytics that can help you grow in your new role. If you are a manager and just hired someone new, hopefully this list can help spark additional ideas on how to get your new Analyst ramped up and ready to go.

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Setting SMART Goals

You just got out of your monthly analytics meeting with the client, and it went great. You pitched some really solid recommendations, and they loved it! You are now ready to implement these recommendations, which will ultimately improve the site while also proving your value. Continue reading “Setting SMART Goals”

Low-Hanging Fruit, Why Not?

I know what you are thinking, Low-Hanging Fruit? Here comes a blog post full of cheesy lines and overly used analogies, but before you check out, let’s talk about how this phrase is used in marketing and how it might be hurting us as analysts.

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