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Year in Review

Its hard to believe that Ask the Analysts has already been live for a full year! To commemorate the occasion, we took a look at our performance over the past 12 months and summarized the highlights below. So sit back, relax and enjoy the stats! Continue reading “Year in Review”

Quick Wins to Gain Trust as an Analyst

When you start at a company (or get a new client for agency workers) there will often be enormous issues staring you right in the face, as an analyst it can be easy to know where to begin, but hard to get sign off to start. If you are new, most often the decision makers are going to push back on you overhauling their tracking strategy and spending their entire analytics budget. To help get you those hours and budget to really impact a company’s strategy let’s look at 8 quick wins you can leverage to gain trust from your DM’s and provide instant value. We will look at two different groupings that can greatly prove your expertise and get people excited; strategy and technical. Continue reading “Quick Wins to Gain Trust as an Analyst”

An Easy Analysis for the Perfect Summer

It’s summer. It’s hot. You and most of your co-workers have probably taken time off for some sort of vacation. And… the year is halfway through.

To beat the heat and the long summer days, I want to share an easy 8-step analysis you can run to gain quick insight into which markets are under-performing. You can then take this analysis to your marketing team and have them run campaigns to improve the performance in these markets. Continue reading “An Easy Analysis for the Perfect Summer”

Pokémon’s Keys to Success

Pokémon GO has done more than just pass Twitter in daily users and top iTunes charts in less than 14 hours, it has changed the landscape for businesses. Pokémon is the embodiment of what analysts have been seeing on the horizon for a while.  It’s the culmination of Virtual Reality, Geo-location, and mobile functionality all rolled into one. Pokemon has become insanely successful, so below I wrote down a few key marketing aspects which I believed contributed to the trends explosive growth.
Continue reading “Pokémon’s Keys to Success”

Enhance the Customer Journey: Part 9

We have reached the final post in our series on Enhancing the Customer Journey. In our final step, we will talk about what to do once a customer has become lapsed. Why care about lapsed customers? IBM research shows that it costs 6-7x more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one, and the average spend of a repeat
customer is 67% more than a new one. So, let’s continue. Continue reading “Enhance the Customer Journey: Part 9”

IRCE Special: Top 5 Bars in Chicago

A few months back we wrote a post on the Top 5 Bars in San Francisco for the eMetrics Summit.

Since we are attending IRCE in Chicago, we thought we should do the same exercise!

We only have a few nights in town and want to make sure we see the best bars that the Windy City has to offer. But with so many different options (Yelp lists 6,495 bars for the Chicago area), how do you choose? Continue reading “IRCE Special: Top 5 Bars in Chicago”

Enhance the Customer Journey: Part 8

This week marks post 8 out of 9 in our series of the 9 Key Stages on the Customer Journey. We have previously discussed the stages that lead a customer to their first purchase as well as several retention strategies to ensure a customer stays engaged after they receive their order. In a perfect world, we would end our series now and not worry about stages 8 and 9. But the reality is there will always be customers who become disengaged over time and the savvy marketer needs to have re-engagement strategies in his/her back pocket to win them back.

There are two stages of a disengaged customer: lapsing and lapsed. Continue reading “Enhance the Customer Journey: Part 8”

An Analyst Reviews Google’s Data Studio

Google announced yesterday during their Innovations Keynote that they will finally begin rolling out some pieces of their 360 suite. (I’d skip to about 50 minutes in if you are just looking to hear about data studio). Good news, Google will be providing a FREE version of the Data Studio for US users where you can create up to 5 reports for free. They will also be rolling this free version out to other countries soon. Feel free to go play around, but in this post we will get a mix of the current free offering as well as the general reaction I have had on the tool. Continue reading “An Analyst Reviews Google’s Data Studio”

Steps to Effective Reporting and Visualization

One of the most important aspects of being an analyst, a marketer, or any position really, is being able to get your point across in a clear and efficient way. Not only to help your audience gain an understanding, but help them understand in a way that can lead to action. Early on in my career I can remember numerous times when I would leave meetings after my presentation and feel like the team didn’t quite understand what I was trying to get across, or that I hadn’t adequately answered their questions. However, down the road I realized most of the time it wasn’t an issue with the type of information, recommendation or insights I was providing to my team. Continue reading “Steps to Effective Reporting and Visualization”

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